5 tiny habits that could change your life

People say that it takes some time to make habits stick. But what if the habits we are cultivating are easy to incorporate into our daily routine? What if we actually enjoy these habits? Here are 5 tiny habits that could potentially change your life. 


It is essential that we take care of our skin. Our skin is the barrier between our body and the outside world. And taking care of this big, mighty organ doesn’t have to be complicated at all. At PAYARU, we don’t believe in using fifty different products to take care of our skin. We believe in convenient, simple, and effective skin care. 

One of the easiest ways to care for our skin is to exfoliate it. You can exfoliate in two main ways:

  • chemically 
  • physically 

Chemical exfoliants are typically acids (you may have heard of glycolic acid, lactic acid, etc) that help remove dead skin cells. 

Physical exfoliants make use of tiny granules in the product to literally (and gently!) scrub away at the dead skin cells. 

At PAYARU, we prefer physical exfoliation. We prefer this method because:

  1. we don't want any chemical interactions that may occur with other products you may use
  2. we LOVE how gently exfoliating your face brings blood circulation through the face, nourishing the skin cells
  3. it's much more gentle on the skin, if you use the right stuff! 

Check out our absolute favorite, gentle, effective, 3-ingredient mung bean face scrubs here. These scrubs are minimal, natural, non-toxic, and are not made with pesky, plastic microbeads that harm marine life. 


If you are anything like me in the past, you may have found that your entire day has gone by and you haven’t eaten, let alone touch, a single fruit or vegetable. In order to make it easier to get in nutrients (and fiber!), eat at least one cup of a vegetable or a fruit with each and every one of your meals. Think: an orange, an apple with some peanut butter, a handful of carrots sticks, a cup full of roasted broccoli. You get the picture. 


You don’t have to be an excellent meditator in order to do this. Sitting in silence for just 5 minutes a day will help you tune into yourself. Jen Sincero in her book You Are a Badass at Making Money says it best: 

“It’s as if your mind spends most of its time hanging out at a loud bar (your brain), where everyone is screaming and yelling “Wild Rover” at the top of their drunken lungs. Meditation shuts down the bar, rolls everyone out the door, and allows your higher self to commune with Universal Intelligence so that they can actually hear each other.”

You don’t have to literally sit up even. Just lay down if you want to, close your eyes and focus on your breath. If thoughts arise, gently come back to your breath again. It’s called a meditation practice for a reason - you have to practice to fully get the hang of it. So don't worry if your mind is going 100 miles/hour on the first day you are trying this. You will get better at it the more you practice. 


This tip has helped me a lot. Brian Tracy, in his book Eat That Frog, explains that our “frog” is our biggest and most important task of the day. It is that frog - so daunting and scary - that keeps bullying us to keep procrastinating and pushing back on our work. However, if we were instead choose to “eat that frog” or just do that important thing at the beginning of the day and get it over with, the rest of day or week is less overwhelming and stressful. 


This could mean a lot of things for you. It could be spending 15 minutes reading your new favorite book, or doodling, watercoloring, stitching, cooking, etc. It could also mean watching that show, that YouTube video or putting on a face mask or enjoying a cup of tea by yourself while listening to a podcast. 

Doing something for yourself allows you to connect back and stay grounded. 

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