a sustainable skin care routine

Let’s address the elephant in the room: the word SUSTAINABLE

What does that even mean? 

For us at PAYARU, we think of a sustainable product as having these characteristics: 

  1. The product is made with ingredients that do not pollute the environment. The production of the raw materials for this product must not deplete its sources. 
  2. The product is biodegradable, meaning that when our product is flushed down the drain, there is absolutely no impact on the environment.
  3. The packaging (both product packaging and shipping packaging) needs to be recyclable or compostable. 
  4. The production process of the product needs to be low-waste and must only uses the minimal amount of water that is necessary.

At PAYARU, sustainability is a core tenant of ours. We believe in feeling good about what we put on our skin and also, onto our world. This means that we care about the quality of our ingredients, how they impact us, and how they sustain our environment. 

Now that we know what this means, let’s take a look at what a sustainable skin care looks like for each stage of the process:


Product: Our Original and Cedarwood Mung Bean face scrubs

Why are they sustainable?

  • We use simple, all natural, and minimal ingredients. 
  • Our formula is entire biodegradable - when our scrubs are flushed down the drain, they readily biodegrade in the water, leaving absolutely no impact on the environment
  • We use paper packaging for shipping.
  • We currently use recyclable packaging for our product tubes. We are actively working on figuring out a plastic-free, affordable, and durable alternative to plastic in the meantime. 
  • We take great care in ensuring that our production process of our scrubs is incredibly low-waste and only uses the minimal amount of water that is necessary for cleaning. 


Product: Locally-manufactured natural soaps and scrubs. If those are not available to you, feel free to check out Beauty and the Bees and Dr. Bronner’s for bar soaps (not sponsored). 

Why are these sustainable:

  • Bar soaps last much longer than regular liquid soaps for the body. 
  • Since liquid soaps contain mostly water, which can quickly grow mold, manufacturers add loads of preservatives to prolong the shelf-life of the product. Bar soaps don't have this problem. 
  • The soaps we use are local-artisan made, and are made from scratch, using only pure, natural local food ingredients. These are also typically packaged in reusable or recyclable packaging.


Product: a homemade jojoba and almond oil combination (let us know if you want the recipe!)

Why is this sustainable:

  • We buy these oils from manufacturers that sustainably source their raw materials. 
  • We make these at home and store then in reusable containers that we have used for many years. 
  • The ingredients are minimal (1 or 2) and all natural.
  • Oils are entirely biodegradable.
  • Bonus: they are incredibly effective at keeping them skin smooth and soft. This also does not leave the skin oily at all!

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  • Hi Taiki, thank you so much! We hope you love our products as much as we do.

    And yes, we are glad to share it! You can use any container you have on hand (a small jar or a glass dropper bottle).

    4 tbsp of almond oil
    3 tbsp of jojoba oil

    Pour these oils into your container and give it a good mix!

    Priyanka on
  • Hi I recently purchased a mung bean scrub using my parents email but I wanted to find out about your homemade oil recipe as well.
    I would be happy if you would let me know,

    Taiki on

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