chemicals found in sunscreen are absorbed by the body at high levels

We routinely use lots of different beauty and skincare products on a daily basis. We use body creams, cleansers, serums, shampoos, deodorant, sunscreen and so much more. 

While these products are certainly convenient in helping us maintain proper hygiene and body health, the ingredients of these products need to be watched.

In the past, many believed that the skin is not very permeable. However, this is just not true. Products such as nicotine and estrogen patches take advantage of skin’s permeability to absorb these compounds into the bloodstream.

Are the ingredients in our daily skincare products being absorbed into our skin as well?

A recent study (1) published in January 2020 in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that six of the most commonly used active ingredients in sunscreen are being absorbed into the bloodstream at concentrations that are higher than the safety thresholds established by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

In the study, according to the FDA, if active ingredients of skincare products are found in the bloodstream equal to or higher than 0.5 nanograms per milliliter, these ingredients need to be examined carefully for any adverse effects, including links to birth defects, cancer, endocrine disruption and more more.

In this study, the FDA found that the maximum concentration of the active ingredients ranged from 3.3 to 258.1 nanograms per milliliter, well beyond the safety thresholds!

This is precisely why at PAYARU, we encourage the use of clean ingredients and clean skin care products. We certainly do not want any harsh chemicals to be building up in our bodies!

This is why at PAYARU, we are all about actively minimizing the number of ingredients that we put on our skin. Our products only contain 3 or 4 ingredients, and these ingredients are simple, non-toxic and completely natural: natural vegetable glycerin, mung beans, and kaolin clay. 

  • We don’t use ANY synthetic fragrances either. Our Cedarwood face scrub is naturally scented with cedarwood essential oil. 
  • We don’t use any detergents, sulfates, or plastic microbeads in our products either. 

We encourage you to make the switch to cleaner skin care now! Wave goodbye to the harsh chemicals in mainstream skincare and say hello to a gentle and guilt-free routine!



1:  Matta, M. K., Florian, J., Zusterzeel, R., Pilli, N. R., Patel, V., Volpe, D. A., ... & Sanabria, C. (2020). Effect of sunscreen application on plasma concentration of sunscreen active ingredients: a randomized clinical trial. Jama323(3), 256-267.

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