the glorious benefits of gentle kaolin clay

Kaolin is one of the ingredients in our Original and Cedarwood mung bean face scrubs - and it’s an ingredient that is near and dear to our hearts. 

While formulating PAYARU face scrubs, we wanted something that would add that luxurious creaminess to our scrubs. And we didn’t have to look any further than kaolin clay!

But what is kaolin clay? How is it typically used? What are some of its skin care benefits? We will answer these questions in this blog post! 


Kaolin is a mild clay that is popular as a skin care ingredient. Usually it’s white, but there are also pink and green versions of the clay and those colors are due to the minute changes in the composition of the clay itself.

Now let’s talk about its glorious benefits!


  • It makes an excellent cleanser!

  • In addition to the mung beans in our face scrubs, kaolin acts as a gentle cleanser of the skin. The clay in our scrubs gently brushes off the dead skin cells and any lotions/creams that may be building up on your face. Even after just one use, you will notice a noticeable difference to the texture of your skin! 

  • It absorbs excess oil without stripping your skin!

  • Clay, since it’s relatively abundant and natural, has been used for generations to absorb excess oil from the skin. And since kaolin is so mild and gentle, it is able to absorb the excess oils without causing dryness by stripping your delicate skin. Because of this, kaolin is perfect for all skin types, even dry or sensitive skin.  

  • It also helps clear clogged pores!

  • Whether it be excess facial oils, dead skin cells, or product buildup, kaolin clay can help absorb those impurities and totally clear the clogged pores. In addition to the gentle exfoliation and absorption of excess oils, kaolin acts fast and shrinks pores like it’s nobody’s business!

    See these benefits in action! Check out our unique, mung bean face scrubs and see for yourself!

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