mung beans: a tiny bean with big benefits

To us and to YOU, they should be a BIG DEAL. Here is why. 

1. Mung beans provide excellent (effective and gentle) exfoliation for our skin.

We started PAYARU because we were looking to gently exfoliate our skin without the use of plastic microbeads. We did not want to contribute to the already-existing microbead pollution. This is why we created our mung bean facial scrubs.

It turns out that ground mung beans make great exfoliators! (who knew? ...we knew!). As an alternative to microbeads, some people turn to sugar, salt, and even grain scrubs. We found those were too harsh for our sensitive skin. Mung beans, we found, are super gentle and perfect for daily use. 

Not only that, they are also effective at removing dirt and grime and are entirely biodegradable. Since they are derived from the earth, they readily biodegrade in water. 

It also helped that my mother, grandmothers and great-grandmothers already used mung beans to cleanse their skin for generations. We knew we had to go back to our roots and start with the mung bean. 

 2. Mung beans provide impressive health benefits to our bodies. 

Mung beans have been cherished in Asia for a long long time. We, as people from the South of India, consume mung beans on a regular basis. We typically soak the beans overnight and make it into a delicious, hearty stew the next day. 

*We DO NOT recommend you consume our face scrubs - they are only meant to be used externally.*

Mung beans are jam packed with tons of vitamins and minerals. One cup of cooked mung beans can give you ~15 grams of protein and ~15 grams of fiber, and nearly 80% of the Reference Daily Intake (RDI) of folate and ~25% of the RDI of manganese and magnesium. Mung beans are also rich in vitamin B1, phosphorus, iron, copper, potassium and zinc. And due to the fact that these beans have a low glycemic index (the glycemic index is a measure of how certain foods raise our blood glucose levels), they are highly recommended for people with diabetes. 

These beans are amazing for the body and there are loads of ways to consume them. You can sprout them, like infamous Creed from the Office. Or you can use them to make a scrumptious curry, savory soup, or even a sweet pudding!

3. Mung beans improve soil fertility and promote sustainable crop yields 

Did you think that mung beans can get any better? It turns out that not only do they benefit our skin and our health, they also benefit the environment. 

These beans have the remarkable ability of improving soil quality. The soil bacteria within the roots of mung beans convert atmospheric nitrogen into a form usable by other plants, promoting soil fertility and the use of less fertilizers (1). In addition to this, mung beans have also shown to increase organic carbon levels in the soil, leading to improved and sustainable crop yields (2). We have included the references below so you can learn more about these findings. 

The main takeaway here is this: mung beans are A M A Z I N G and we encourage you to try them out. 

Why not try out our mung bean face scrubs? We swear by them - it will leave your skin so smooth and supple. 

And why not chuck some mung beans in your soup or stew? Your body and the environment will thank you. 



1. Pataczek, L., Zahir, Z. A., Ahmad, M., Rani, S., Nair, R., Schafleitner, R., ... & Hilger, T. (2018). Beans with Benefits—The Role of Mungbean (Vigna radiate) in a Changing Environment. American Journal of Plant Sciences, 9(07), 1577.

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