What your skin is craving: Payaru’s 3-ingredient mung bean face scrub


At a time where we are cleansing, scrubbing, and disinfecting our skin more than ever- it’s easy to forget how many harsh chemicals we are exposing ourselves to on a daily basis. I for one, have been washing my face much more often than I did pre-pandemic in an effort to keep bacteria and germs at bay.

While I typically do not use scrubs more than once a week, I crave the feeling and efficacy of what they do for my skin. There is just something about the grainy texture that makes me feel like I’ve done a much better job of cleaning my face, as opposed to when I only use a regular cleanser. As most of us know however, the majority of scrubs can be abrasive and are certainly not recommended for daily use. This is where Payaru stands out: finally a gentle exfoliating product you can feel good about using every day.

What stood out to me immediately when I first tried Payaru’s mung bean face scrub was how creamy and luxurious it felt in texture and how exceptionally smooth it was when I applied it to my face. What’s even better is how the product smells nutty and natural, and the consistency of the mung bean is simply unlike typical exfoliating scrubs on the market. Being no stranger to these kinds of products, I instantly noticed how gentle Payaru was in comparison to my usual scrub, and felt more than comfortable using it 3 days in a row.

The results are telling. After one use my skin was already smoother, and I had no redness (which is usually normal for me after I exfoliate). Since I had been washing my face more often, I had a few dry patches around my nose and temples that Payaru’s product totally took care of. Because it worked so well for my face, I actually used it on my hands who were in need of some much deserved TLC. I followed up all of this with my regular moisturizer, and both my hands and face felt clean and smooth, yet comfortable.

Although all of the above findings are great, trying Payaru’s mung bean scrub signaled something bigger to me. Using a natural, no fuss product (hello, 3 ingredients only) was what my skin had been craving. I didn’t realize how tight and irritated my face felt after my cleansing routine until I had something natural and healthier to compare it to. It is safe to say I’ve now ditched my toxic (ex) scrub, because using a natural and effective product like Payaru really does make me, my skin, and the planet happier.

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